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The BrandLink Difference

BrandLink’s myBrand software platform is a true evolution in inventory management for FMCG customers. Embracing an entirely cloudbased and paperless approach to the entire fulfilment process, we have eliminated human error, increased service levels, reduced turn-around times and driven significant cost-out for our customers.

Our system continues to evolve.

Our in-house development team is constantly coding new solutions for our customers, driven by feedback and business need, ensuring BrandLink is always on the cutting edge of technology and the myBrand system remains best in class.


Real time quoting of all pick, pack and freight requirements

Your staff make informed decisions when ordering stock and are able to see live costs for their entire order. Ability to filter and select from over 200 freight providers, based on a range of criteria (time / cost / delivery point receiving capability) to ensure unnecessary expense is removed from your business.

All Costs, in Real-Time and Up-Front.

You can make informed decisions when ordering stock and are able to see live costs for your entire order, include accurate freight as well as kitting and co-packing projects. You’ll have the ability to filter and select from over 200 freight providers, based on a range of criteria that you set – be it time to delivery, cost of consignment or delivery point receiving capability.

Campaign Planning Tools

Make informed decisions on your large-scale distribution campaigns by modelling them up front, even before stock arrives in the warehouse, helping you plan your marketing campaigns with all the information up front.

Paperless Systems

Gone are the days of clunky emails lost in inboxes, phoning through to to get a container slot, of filling out excel spreadsheets or printed forms for your inwards deliveries. Our system is entirely paperless, meaning your suppliers can deliver to your warehouse swiftly and with ease. Barcode integration on our inwards forms ensure rapid population of stock to your inventory and faster access to any urgent items just delivered. Voice enabled picking devices and location scanning ensure we rarely, if ever, mis-pick an order.

Advanced Financial Allocation of Costs

No longer waste time re-allocating invoices or expenses to your business units or brands. We deliver a concise summary of storage, pick and copack, and freight divided with total granularity (even the cubic measurement share of a consignment) by brand, region or business unit.

Unprecedented Transparency

Our software tracks every items journey, from inwards, to orders, to storage. Want to know exactly how much space a SKU is taking up in the warehouse right now, or run a report for costs of storage for that SKU for the prior month? We can do that.

FMCG Reporting Suite

A powerful reporting suite designed in conjunction with FMCG marketing professionals in mind. All the data and reports you could ever need are at your fingertips, allowing you to review inventory, spend, campaign progress and monitor decisions in real time.

In-Built Comprehensive Consignment Tracking

By patching in directly to the freight provider for your consignment, you’re able to see the exact whereabouts of your package at every stage throughout the order process. Waste no more time chasing the order or wondering if your package has been delivered. Get the answers yourself, from the source.

Brandlink’s cutting edge approach to providing business solutions helped us to deliver significant cost savings and innovations in our sales and marketing systems. Their consistent, superior levels of customer service and expertise leaves me with no hesitation in recommending the BrandLink team if you’re considering improving your marketing logistics processes.

Gino Maiolo

Coca-Cola Amatil - Sales Operations Manager

Beiersdorf Australia / New Zealand have been utilising BrandLink since July 2015.

We have found their services to be excellent. Their willingness and ability to support the receiving, storage and despatch of our POS materials has been both efficient and effective.

Their customer service support is particularly commendable and we have found their response times to be very prompt.

I would highly recommend BrandLink as a professional warehousing, storage and distribution operation of POS materials.

Mandy Dack

Beiersdorf - Senior Customer Marketing Manager